Will I get into trouble with the authorities?
No. Because we are a non adverse group and only wish to seek working with other agencies in harmony. 

Can I use this process to eliminate debt issues? Yes you sure can, such as credit cards, judgements, court cases, lawsuits etc. 

Can you eliminate Mortgages and Car Loans?  Yes there have been successes when using securitization where you turn the debt into credit. This is for our Silver Bullet Trust Class who know this technology. 

Do I still need a drivers license or can I drive without one?
 You can still have a drivers license, but add it to your UCC as collateral along with your passport or any form of identification to show proof that you are the executor of this estate. We are NOT a Sovereign Citizens group so we don´t have a chip on our shoulders trying to pick a fight with the police which is completely unacceptable. 

Can I buy things using your methods such as a car, a house, etc?
With this new info you can use your Treasury direct account to securitize the Promissary note with the help of the Trustee and Trustee Indenture of the Company you are dealing with. You would need the debt presentment first before making this happen. 

If I eliminate the credit card debt, will I be able to use the same credit card again? Yes you sure can and you can increase your credit report score as well. 

Can I pay rent using my birth certificate bond or 98 Ein? No, but you can use the Treasury to do this process of course!

Will I be protected from Lawsuits of any kind? Yes, once you change your status and complete the process you will be operating from the diplomatic side where you no longer are apart of their Jurisdiction and create a powerful trust.

Will I have Diplomatic Immunity Status and can travel with a passport? Yes, you will have diplomatic immunity status as long as you have not murdered anyone which is a very serious crime whether you´re a diplomat or not. We do not offer passports. We only help you change your status which will reflect on your passport. 

Can I get rid of child support? Yes, you sure can, as I have many years ago. Once you change your status and kill the ssn, you are no longer a ward of the state. You are completely free to settle these charges against you because you are giving them what they want. With my experience in dealing with Child Support, I never signed a contract, and I never went to court because I knew the courts were used to summon the body into their defacto courts. By going into court you are acting as surety for the all caps name. It is best not to go into court. 

What If I am employed what do I do to not file taxes? You can tell your company you can file an Independant contract and you can file separately. What you would do is contact the IRS, using the 8832 after your status is changed to let them know of your new status and new Foreign Tax Exempt number to take control of all eins, ssns, to protect you from being liable for their taxes.  

What if I have employees who work under me do they file taxes? If you operate as a Private Foreign Corporation or Private Foreign Trust, you do not file taxes because it is a foreign company, so therefore, you would not have them file taxes. If you run a normal company that is not protected by your new status or a trust, then of course they would have to file taxes. Many of us who operate on the private side who run companies and trusts, hire freelancers from other countries and there is no tax filing involved which is not needed in this case because again its a foreign company, just like Washington DC, and Puerto Rico are. 

What if I have a business how can I operate tax exempt? By having your own Private Trust, or Foreign Corporation, Foreign LLC, located in the States or Offshore. What makes them foreign is the Foreign Tax Exempt FEIN Elite Number you get from the IRS which moves you out of their jurisdiction as a debtor. This is the true secret to successfully moving into the private side.