Will I get into trouble with the authorities?
No. Because we are a non adverse group and only wish to seek working with other agencies in harmony. 

Can I use this process to eliminate debt issues? Yes you sure can, such as credit cards, judgements, court cases, lawsuits etc. 

Do I still need a drivers license or can I drive without one?
 You can still have a drivers license, but add it to your UCC as collateral along with your passport or any form of identification to show proof that you are the executor of this estate. We are not a Sovereign group so we dont have a chip on our shoulders trying to pick a fight with the police which is completely unacceptable. 

Can I erase debt from Utility? No

Can I buy things using your methods such as a car, a house?
We only show you how to eliminate debt, and protect your assets, prevent incarceration if you are being accused of non violent acts. We do not use the Birth Certificate Bond, or any the limitless credit coming from the Foreign Tax Exempt EIN to Pay for things. 

If I eliminate the credit card debt, will I be able to use the same credit card again? The whole purpose of being a Secure Creditor is to operate on the Private side, where you no longer need this old system to operate from. If your credit card is closed out you can no longer use that credit card company again. However, there is still a possibility you can still open up a credit line or get a loan, but it depends on the individual. Such as a secured credit card, you can still get that if your credit score is low. But if you do not want to go that route, you can still look an alternative which is getting Crypto Credit. 

You can in fact build up on your crypto assets and borrow against it using platforms such as Nexo.io, Celsius, Makerdao. No need for Credit Check, Background Check, Only YOUR CRYPTO ASSETS.

As Ambassadors we are free from the Banking system, and no longer need to kiss up to the old stone age system to get credit or loans. This completely frees us from their system. The world is changing to virtual currency anyway, this is what the pandemia is all about. To shut down the Fiat fake system because Crypto is taking over!!

Can I pay rent using my birth certificate bond or 98 Ein? NO, We do no suggest this at all, although there are certain groups that do this, but none from what we know has been successful and only lands them in Jail. We prefer to use the Crypto method for this. 

Will I be protected from Lawsuits of any kind? Yes, once you change your status and complete the process you will be operating from the diplomatic side where you no longer are apart of their Jurisdiction. 

Will I have Diplomatic Immunity Status and can travel with a passport? Yes, you will have diplomatic immunity status as long as you have not murdered anyone which is a very serious crime whether your a diplomat or not. 

Can I get rid of child support? Yes, you sure can, as I have many years ago. Once you change your status and kill the ssn, you are no longer a ward of the state. You are completely free to settle these charges against you because you are giving them what they want. 

What If I am employed what do I do to not file taxes? You can tell your company you can file Independant contract and you can file separately. What you would do is contact the IRS, using the 8832 after your status is changed to let them know of your new status and new Foreign Tax Exempt number to take control of all eins, ssns, to protect you from being liable for their taxes.  

What if I have employees who work under me do they file taxes? If you operate a Private Foreign Corporation or Private Foreign Trust, you do not file taxes because it is a foreign company, so therefore, you would not have them file taxes. If you run a normal company that is not protected by your new status or a trust, then of course they would have to file taxes. Many of us who operate on the private side who run companies and trusts, hire freelancers from other countries and there is no tax filing involved which is not needed in this case because again its a foreign company, just like Washington DC, and Puerto Rico are. 

What if I have a business how can I operate tax exempt? By having your own Private Trust, or Foreign Corporation, Foreign LLC, located in the States. What makes them foreign is the Foreign Tax Exempt EIN Elite Number you get from the IRS which moves you out of their jurisdiction as a debtor. This is the true secret to successfully moving into the private side. 

Is Crypto and being a Secure Creditor go hand and hand
? Yes it sure does. You become a Secure Creditor ambassador to change your status to protect you from Foreign Entities, War, from other agencies, and you use Crypto to finally free yourself from their fiat currency. Its when using their fiat currency they wish to tax you, which they actually can because you are using their foreign fiat currency. But if you take crypto as payment it is tax free because Crypto is an asset not a currency, and the IRS also deems Crypto an Asset. You can change your crypto into Fiat when you wish to use it with a visa or master card, or transfer it into another stable coin such as Dai which is decentralized and untaxable. Many companies such as Amazon, Best Buy, etc use gift cards is DAI, to accept purchases. 

We as a collective eleven years ago created crypto assets which was Bitcoin to move away from the Enslaved fiat system which is beyond looking for the black card, white card etc.

Too many people are falling for that illusion chasing after the white bunny thinking that the more complicating info you receive the better.
In all of my years operating on this path 11 years, I never once knew anyone who was successful in getting their DTC white card, or Black Card without a hook! These cards with limitless credit. Or where they were approved and then all of a sudden lost it. This is all Planted to get people like us into a lot of trouble because by taking their Fiat currency, under the guise of Limitless Credit, The Feds have the right to throw you in prison for a very very long time.

I saw so many groups go down, Winston Shrout, Creditors In Commerce, the list goes on. I never once played into that illusion because I knew better. That is why I am out of Prison, I can freely travel, and I am completely free from enslavement! We live without any anxieties as a debtor. This is true freedom folks!!!


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