Transformation Workshop

October 1st, & 2nd 2022

Deadline September 15th

Taking 18 in person, and limitless online.  



Darren And I will be doing a Powerful In-person Workshop in Cancun Mexico! As a Certified Canfield Trainer (Type in Druanna) taught by Jack Canfield himself, the Author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and featured in the Movie the Secret, we will be using these powerful techniques of Transformation to shift your mindset for SUCCESS! You already have a powerful asset which is your MIND, and the SUBCONSCIOUS which can help shape your reality. 

You have the power to Succeed of Fail due to your beliefs and what you´ve been putting your focus on! 

These powerful Principles have been taught by Billionaires like Clement Stone, Napolean Hill, and other Multimillionaires on how to start thinking like a Millionaire and stop thinking like a Victim. Since we utilised theses teachings, we´ve traveled the World. We reached our Goals in doing so!

How did we do it? Go from living in USA, UK, to living in various parts of the world and working from home doing what we love? It takes Balls, Motivation, and CONFIDENCE, CERTAINTY, and BELIEF IN YOURSELF and the Universe will support your VISION. This is How we did it, and are still doing it! We can show you how to live the life of your Dreams no matter what it is!

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