Diplomat Take over your Estate
Next Class (Mid December)

You will not receive a diplomatic passport instead you will change your status 
into Private Diplomat side. 
We changed the date because we are moving to another city. 

I will teach those who are already Secured Creditors, how to take control of your accounts the ssn, other eins, llcs, etc and getting your Foreign Trust Ein Number (98) which should be done the correct way. 
You will need to get a Global Virtual Office which we can connect you with for extra charge. A place that does it. Prices can range from $300 euros and up for a whole year. This is highly needed to get your Foreign Trust Ein number.
You never use a domestic address. 

By doing this you transmute your ssn into a the estate number and become the Executor. You can now use this method to control all of your companies, your ssn that and move onto the private side. You will be tax exempt, completely and successfully Discharge any debt against the Name. 
Have any questions? Contact us at druanna@pm.me

Ambassador Sc Program
Next Class in December 8th 7PM EST

This is for the Newbees if you want to become a SC, You will want to take this class! This Involves Service done for you by our data programmer and I will walk you step by step on the process! We show you how to properly change your status which includes the UCC in Maryland, doesn´t matter which state your from, Maryland is the go to place for all true liens. 
We show you how to get the Foreign Tax exempt Number and how to discharge debt once you receive this number and become a Secured Creditor. 

Please contact
druanna@pm.me for payment instructions

How to access & use Treasury Direct 

Learn how to access your treasury direct account and securitize your negotiable instruments, Instead of just discharging debt, you will be able to get paid in your TDA account. 
This is the secret to handling debt issues by transmuting them into credit. As the beneficiary of our own trusts, we act as the alchemists. 
Class coming up soon in December!

godsofamenti1@pm.me for payment instructions



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