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Do you have High Tax Bills? Going through a lawsuit? Need to protect your Assets from seizures? Keep your Business private and underground? Would you like to learn more? Taking only high end clients making 6-7 figures a years. Business Owners and Investors. Thank you. 

Contact druanna@pm.me and I´ll send you more info.

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Our clients come from many parts of the world, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Israel, Spain, Italy, USA, Mexico, and many more. We work with our Ambassador Team who operate globally. 



Ambassador UCC Package 8 Day Recorded Video and ecourse Plus Service. This program includes, Ucc Package to send to Puerto Rico, Discharging Instruments, Diplomatic Immunity with How to kill your ssn, by controlling it, get a foreign trust ein to Protect your money, Eliminate debt, court cases, lawsuits, Judgements, Liens, Levy, raise your credit score, protect yourself from tyranny, mandatory vaccines, etc! Will not interfere with collecting benefits, ssi, disablity, or your stimulus package, or government housing.  Contact for price

Diplomatic Immunity Passport Ecourse- Are you ready to be a Diplomat with this passport?  We show you 2 ways you can achieve this where you become the holder in due course over your passport. Never claim to be an American National thats how they put you back into their jurisdiction! You always want to claim you are Indigenous, of the land, and that you are not a federal employee of the corporation. These are powerful passports that can not only help you with your travel needs, but also protect you from tyranny! This passport makes you an american indigenous, and a diplomat. 

Business Trust  Ecourse  / Service - Paying too much taxes? Worried about Lawsuits? Want to sheild your business and go underground, away from creditors? No need to pay for Secretary of state fees, or Registered Agent. From one course you can create several Trusts. Or we can create the Trust for you, and help you get a Private Ein Number for it so you can open up a bank account. Contact us for prices on Trusts


Silver Bullet Trust  Ecourse / Service -Are you paying too much in Taxes? Want to shield protect everything you´ve worked hard for? Protect your money, assets, your person and your family? Protect from Lawsuits, from pirate creditors who seek to steal everything you have? Then look no further this trust is your answer! Tax exempt, international and irrevocable! From one course you can create several Trusts. Or we can create the Trust for you, and help you get a Private Ein Number for it so you can open up a bank account. Contact us for prices on Trusts

Forensic Debt Investigator (with Deadly Weapon Letter  Learn how to defend yourself against creditors and lawsuits, using the Administrative process. This powerful ecourse with all of the documents you would ever need to handle almost any issues, Child custody, Child support, dealing with creditors, lawsuits, etc. Arm yourself today as a Forensic Debt Investigator 

Contact us godsofamenti1@pm.me for payment instructions

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Silver Bullet Trust

Unincorporated Business Trust

Why I became a Secure Creditor! And haven´t looked back!

Your Birth Certificate is a Bond
Ambassador Session FREE HISTORY 
Discharged $2500 in Debt
History of Enslavement
Bruce Discharged 16k in medical bills
How to Escape the Debt Matrix
Forensic Debt Investigator
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