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Finally this ebook comes with the full Secured Creditor Package to fill in yourself and send off to PR. We show you how to fill in your UCC the appropriate correct way! Once you view these documents you will know we don't play around and truly know our stuff! Other documents included to complete your package and how to file your UCC in Maryland online! Templates and Video Training included! I also show you how use your golden signature to discharge, remove debt. Visit the Testimonials Page and see what our clients are raving about!


_Escape Room The Mystery Novel Book Cover.jpeg


_Escape Room The Mystery Novel Book Cover.jpeg

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🔥Are you tired of living in constant fear of having your valuable assets taken from you?

🔥Such as your House, Cars, Gold, Silver, Your Kids, Including you, -Bank Accounts, Your Companies, LLCs Shut down?

🔥Is your high tax bill threatening your wellbeing, preventing you from freely enjoying your work, your business and allowing your creativity to soar? So you can make more money?

🔥Are you sick of legal issues, lawsuits, and fear that all of your cherished valuables will be removed if the other party won?

🔥Are you dealing with other heavy court issues, such as Child Support, Liens, Levys, Credit Card debt?

🔥Are you being threatend to go to prison for unpaid debt?

🔥Do you want to keep your money safe in a bank account that will not be taxed?

🔥Are you wanting to renounce your US Citizenship to get out of having to pay very high
taxes? Hoping another country will accept you where you can live a tax free existence?

🔥What if I told you as an American you don´t have to renounce your citizenship once you change your status to the private side.

🔥This can help you as its helped me and thousands of our other students who have freed themselves from the plantation. 

We are here to serve those who are wanting to protect themselves their money, family from the gestapo from breathing down your neck wanting to drain the life out of you and your wealth. 

If you are one of these folks whose been through the lawyers, the courts, and haven´t received any remedy for your situation, then Becoming A Secured Creditor and or having a Silver Bullet Foreign Trust will protect you! Please watch the latest video below. 



If you are interested in one of our programs, we please ask you to fill in the Questionnaire and answer everything on that list without leaving it blank so we can get a better understanding about you, and if what we offer can assist your situation. https://www.securecreditor.com/questionnaire 

The Forensic Debt Investigator Ebook & Ecourse





Bring those creditors to their knees with this powerful Forensic Debt Investigator Ecourse and Ebook.

What if I told you that most of these companies do not have the qualifications to enforce you to pay any debt? Which means their judgements against you is null and void! Meaning the debt never existed!


Your debt has to abide by 4 Accounting standards such as IFRS, GAAP, Basel III Accord and Uncitril Conventions!


I was trained by a Forensic Accountant who investigated fraud and knew how to bring these shady companies to their knees! You will be absolutely shocked 😳

Included is a powerful Debt Validation letter called the Deadly Weapon Letter and a 2 hour video Presentation  on how to investigating certain companies using the CAFR reports, and video training on the Administrative process to complete each case you are working on with the help of a notary or even without a notary.

What is a Secured Creditor 


•One who operates on the private side, freedom from slave restrictions, freedom from the plantation, freedom from the plantation owners, their slave masters. They are instead independent.

•They don't believe to be governed over by other human beings. They handle their own business and with their status they have the power to discharge, heavy debt created by corporations and other foreign agents.

•We show you exactly how to do it and to be extremely successful at it

•Eliminate heavy debt issues judgements against you, lawsuits, even credit card debt, student loan, child support, taxes

•Imagine living in a world of freedom from having to be taxed monitored for every little thing you do? Did you know that the majority of people when they are punished they are being charged! Whereas if you are very rich it wouldn’t matter to you because it wouldn’t phase you, clearly we are also seeing the ways money is being used to abuse others that mentally and emotionally we are triggered by this. That is why Being an SC helps relieve the slave from this overwhelming pressure.

•Any creditor or lender associated with investment in or issuance of a credit product backed by collateral, it could be crypto, could be a house. It could be land, assets, yachts, Valuable Gemstone, anything that you think that you own are, it would be considered your collateral.

• Secured creditors have a First order claim on the pay outs of a distress credit investment.

•If a borrower defaults on a secured credit, like say you,  default on a loan and if it was listed on the security agreement that you have, let's say a bunch of gold and silver or whatever that you put forth, those collateral, they can seize whatever it is that you think that you own. They can go ahead and pay off remaining obligations so they can sell off what it is that you put forth as collateral so that they can pay off the debt.

•The secured creditor  can utilise certain collateral, such as the foreign trust.

• Inside the foreign trust is the birth certificate, your driver’s license, the passport, if you have one, and everything else that you own would be in the foreign trust which is collateral, and that would help you to discharge your debt.


• Secured creditor is backed by designated collateral, which gives a creditor First order rights to the collateral If a borrower isn't solvent.  We're going to be moving In to what this secured creditor, Ambassador, Diplomat work that we do.

•As a secured creditor, when you secure everything, you would use your own foreign trust you created with the birth certificate, the social, the passport (optional) assets, property, bank accounts, companies, LLC, inside of it, and use it as collateral to eliminate debt, taxes, lawsuits that is against the government franchise name, which is the name in all capital letters on your birth certicate. They already created a trust in your name, which they can administer from. From now on, you will turn it around on them with your own trust you created yourself with a foreign tax exempt EIN number you received from the IRS. It's a lot more than that. Yes. EIN numbers are one of them, but you also have to have a trust set up for you after you become a secured creditor.

•We never say Private Citizen which puts you back in to their jurisdiction. So you're a private slave, right ? No, we do not utilise that terminology. These foreign agents have their own foreign trust. Their UCC is to put them on the private side and operate as the Elites they are Today.

•-I had a funny question, something that came to me, it was so funny. it was a spiritual thought, it was like,̈ Maybe that's what we're here for?̈ We're here to start out in slave mode and work our way up to the elite mode. You see what I mean? There's a reason for everything. There's a reason why we came into this plane of existence through our parents, our mother's water and started our lives in the plantation. Very interesting thought I had, you know, that question. why did we start like this?

•What was the whole reason? Why are some of us so privileged that we don’t have to be born in the plantation? But there are some that are a very small few that are not, and in a spiritual way, it could mean evolution.

•It can mean evolution of the human being of the human psyche. Because when you see, when you look around you, many of the human beings see themselves as victims in a lot of ways, but they don't realise why they even came back in the First place.

• It could have been a karmic experience. It could have been something that they did, maybe very negative, very bad, and they have to keep coming back until they get it right. It's like the karmic debt that we have to pay off while we're here. So once we get rid of all of that in a spiritual way, too, and along with the paperwork, we can actually evolve into the elites that are controlling the planet. But on a higher level. Elites who are wise, and at peace with the world to do good for humanity.

•Right now, there is a reason why they are controlling the planet right now. We're always being told, oh, they're so bad. They're evil. I'm not saying that they are, or aren't, I'm not going to judge because this is about non-judgment. I'm not here to judge anybody on this planet. The Rockefellers, the Roschildes, the Vatican, Etc. But there is a power struggle here!

•There's some knowledge, very hidden knowledge that they have, that they feel that the rest of humanity is not ready for, there's been a lot of war among other humans for thousands of years.

•It isn't just the elite few that supposedly own this Realm.  There are other parties too, in Mexico or certain countries, they have a lot of mafiosi going on. There's a lot of things happening when the human being has power they turn and they can turn very evil, greedy and very unbalanced unjust as well.

•If you're being drawn to this particular work with a good heart and with a just cause a just heart as well,. You are interested in personal development work, working on yourself to be at peace, Then this is for you but there are many people that try to get away with things, and they are not meant to be doing this work at all. They are not ready to move into the elite hood and free themselves from the plantation because they Have a lot of karmic stuff going on in their minds, in their head, that they seriously need to work it out.

•I'll tell you, the universe is watching over you. Your ancestors are watching over you and if you think, if you are unjust in anyway, and you're a person that does a lot of bad negative crap, you try to use the technology to getaway with things it's going to back Fire on you greatly.

•The citizens were tricked into servitude to worshipping , their Flag, not as Freeman either, but as free slaves. so as I Stated, these foreign agents have their own foreign trust.

•Their own UCCS, even Donald Trump has one. Many of these presidents have their own UCCS because they're able to operate on the private side and they operate as foreign agents to this so-called country that you think is your country.

•United States of America is not United States of America anymore. It hasn’t been for a very long time. It has been a corporation owned by Britain by the crown. The beneFIt of secure creditors. So what is the benefit? What are the beneFIts of being a secured creditor you might ask?

•Well, instead of the state being the plantation owners and creditor over your possessions, your children, money, your assets, your house, your cars, your boats, et cetera.

•You are now the holder in due course of your estate, known as your foreign trust, which includes your birth certiFIcate, passport, If you have one, your social, your driver's license, property, land assets, children, bank accounts, companies, LLCs. Your beneFiciaries which will be benefiting from the trust, even they can be your own companies. I'm going to go into that with the Foreign trust at a later time in the slide here, So that's pretty much what a full secured creditor is.

•So you say, ¨This is wrong!¨ Something is off here! I t's only with this awakening, you’re going to really understand why you have to be free.

•What the truth really IS?

• Well the truth is we´ve been living on the plantation owned by the slave owners, we have never left the plantation folks. We never left! They changed everything around!  Isńt this an amazing school?

•So again, I have no judgment against anybody or anyone because it’s actually very fricking exciting. What I went through was really scary, but you know what? It woke me up because if I didn't go through what I went through back then, I would be in a lot of hell right now, like many of the slaves on the plantation right now. They can't escape their countries. They have to listen to their boss telling them what to do, and to put toxic stuff in their bodies, whether they like it or not. No thanks!

•If I never went through this, or became a secured creditor I couldn't imagine how my life would be right now. It's just such a trip. It is an awakening, mind awakening. When you actually look around you and you see the craziness going on and you're able to get out of it and know this powerful knowledge, that was kept from humanity for so long, you're going to understand why.

•Only so many are allowed to learn this information. That your signature is now golden because you took back the power of your own estate and created your own foreign trust. This is the power of the credit that you hold to eliminate debt. Many of you think it's just an AFV or ACCEPTED FOR VALUE for some of you.

•You haven’t really separated yourself yet and they're completely right, because it isn’t until when you really separate yourself and it isn't with just the UCC. It's a lot more than that. You have to transmute that social security number in order to be completely free with the estate number with the trust, the foreign trust, controlling all of your EIN, your LLCs, everything. Once you're able to do that, yoúre completely on the private side. Everything that belongs to the secured creditor can no longer be monetized off. You now have the power as a true diplomat on the private side, you'll also be on the no detained list because you will be private.

•You will be a diplomat ambassador, meaning you'll be peaceful. You'll be at peace with other foreign agents because you became a foreign agent as well. You see where I'm going with this? You start to awaken to your true potential of who you really are and what you're here to do.

•You end up joining the elite in that way but on a higher scale. Now some of you, of course, you're probably going to think with a lot of judgment.̈ Oh my God! They're a bunch of blood suckers and this and that!̈, You know! I don't want to get into that part of the equation here. Not everybody's like that, but again, everybody has their own karmic debt to pay, right?

•We don't really know everything a hundred percent on what's going on. The media tells us so many lies. We only think we know when we see something on the media, we actually believe it. We don't really know what the hell's going on. I think that's part of the illusion, the Halls of Amenti, illusion. You know, we tend to believe a lot of what́s being told to us by those that are in power that actually have funded the media. There's a reason for everything here. This life is a school to help you evolve and it is just a game guys

•A secured creditors signature is worth more than fake paper, at money, and instead acts as credit and is the only solution to settle all accounts and proceeds with credit, not debt notes.  When you're on the private, also a diplomat on the private side, meaning, no need to pay with debt notes for lawsuits, court cases, judgements or taxes, there will be no liens against the name anymore. You create the lien with a non adverse position under the power of the Hague and Geneva to protect you as a civilian, the indigenous on the land, the sovereign who holds more power than any king or queen on this land and they know this. Even though we know what sovereign is, which is being free, in control of your own estate and all of that, but there's a certain time and a place on when to actually use that word sovereign. But that is exactly what being a diplomat is.

•the HJR 192, this is where a lot of it began. I mean, it also began even before that, but we're just going to start off with the 1933 HJR approved on June 5th, 1933, house joint resolution. The Payment of debt is now against congressional and public policy. Henceforth, every obligation shall be dis charged as a result of house Joint Resolution 192. From that day forward, no one in this nation has been able to pay a debt or lawfully own anything

•For that matter the gold and silver of the American people were confiscated and if the people did not give up their gold and silver back then, they were Fined $10,000 or imprisoned for 10 years. That should have been a switch right there! A knowing that we are still on the plantation I mean. What the hell! I thought we were free Americans, right?

•The only thing one can do is tender and transfer of debts with a debt being perpetual the suspension of the gold standard and prohibition against paying debts, remove the substance for our common law to operate on and created a void. As far as the law is concerned, the substance, which was gold and silver was replaced with a public national credit system where debt is legal, tender money. Now gold and silver was part of the constitution and the only legal tender used before the HJR 192 was implemented immediately after Franklin D Roosevelt signed the resolution. The treasury offered the public new government securities minus the traditional payable and gold clause. So this is what happened when the gold and silver was taken from the American people and exchanged for federal reserve funny money that you hold in your hands, paper money, plastic money now, which can melt in your hands.

•Now that is when you basically acquiesced everything the beneFits and privileges, let's say, of being a free American, you agreed to those foreign FRN NOTES paper money.

•The federal reserve, as a foreign entity, based out of Puerto Rico, issuing foreign paper money. That is not american. They are not american treasury notes. They are foreign paper,  and by the American people accepting it they've accepted that the constitution no longer applies.

•The US constitution involving gold and silver as legal tender no longer applies. Why would the Americans and the rest of the world for that matter, why would they take funny monopoly money in exchange for something that was not apart of the constitution? Were people high back then? Were they on too much poppy seeds or opium? The US constitution only applies to those on the private side not the slaves

•That Should have been  a red Flag for a lot of our ancestors or our parents or grand parents, whoever lived during that time, to be like,̈  Wait a second! something is off here!̈  You know, of course, I don't really know truly to be honest. I wasn't there back then. Maybe a lot of people tried to Fight it off. I don't know. But there was a reason why there was a loop hole in the constitution folks. It goes back to the Crown. You see, when The Declaration of Independence mentioned,̈ We the peoplë, they meant actually,̈ We the ELITE, We the Freemasons, Those on the Private Side, Secured Creditors,  NOT, Those on the PUBLIC SIDE.


•Many of us believe that ¨We the peoplë, as in slaves of the plantation! We the people have the right to this, the right to that, to our sovereignty! Yet they made you believe this after the United States Inc was created in 1871.

•If I'm correct here, after they murdered Abraham Lincoln and I have a whole video on that one on securecreditor.com. After they murdered him, they made it look like it was the same United States of America. Okay. So really, they put the United States of America under martial law, which was USA incorporated. We've been under martial law since then. Not really, since 1933, it was since 1871 after the north and the south were Fighting. We thought that their was victory. Well, there's another story. There's another twist to that. It's very fricking interesting. The more that you delve into this, it's really going to blow your mind 

•Look at HJR 192 , you're going to have a passion about it. It's good to really do some due diligence and read and research and especially the late Jordan Maxwell He was absolutely wonderful with symbology. He knew about the UCC. He knew about a lot of things. Maybe because he too became a Freemason?

•So the HJR 192 was implemented immediately after Franklin D Roosevelt signed the resolution. Like I said, the treasury offered the public new government securities, etc . 192 also states that one cannot demand a certain form of currency that they want to receive If it is dollar for dollar. If you review the modern money mechanics article, you will discover all currency is your credit. The federal reserve calls it monetized debt.



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